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Commercial Semiconductor Construction Manager (TX)

San Antonio, TX · Construction/Facilities
Commercial Semiconductor Construction Manager needed. 

Education Required:   High School Diploma or Equivalent
  • 15 or more years as a Senior level commercial Superintendent.
  • Large commercial projects - high rise, higher education, MOB, healthcare, etc. (Not horizontal like bridges, highways, rail, etc.).
  • Must have experience building semiconductor manufacturing building.

Communicate key project information to owners, design team, governing authorities, subcontractors, suppliers and others.
You will:
  • Provide management of subcontractors and organization of the overall job and workflow.
  • Create, manage, change and implement the project’s schedule as needed.
  • Manage and oversee company staff, subcontractors, suppliers and programs such as Safety, Quality and EEOC for a small project or a major portion of a larger project.
  • Develop work plans for subcontractors and self-performed work.
  • Coordinate and manage the care, custody and control of the project site.
  • Lead various meetings, including daily standup and weekly trade meetings.
  • Attend, manage and participate in appropriate progress and project meetings.
  • Tracking and monitoring project budget and costs by using the project management system’s cost reports and data from the project manager.
  • Follow the project filing and documentation organization system as dictated for the project.
  • Update drawings, logs, diaries and inspection notebooks.
  • Approve and record unit cost information for weekly reports and completes daily reports, logs and tracking reports.
  • Evaluate progress on self-performed work and make adjustments as needed.
  • Manage material and equipment needs for the project.
  • Support the “Material and Other Costs” and “Dunn Logistics Service Center” procurement and approval processes.
  • Assist in the selection of the formwork, tools and equipment necessary to complete self-perform operations.
  • Manage timecard approval process to ensure reporting of accurate hours and proper cost codes.
  • Ensure quality compliance through use of specifications, setting quality standards, in–house QA/QC and outside resources.
  • Support the project closeouts by supervising prepunch activities and coordinating activities with the owner, architect and governing authorities.
  • Gain understanding of the project pursuit process and methodology.
  • Participate with the field operations leadership and the project team to put together a project preplan; implements, monitors and adjusts as needed throughout the project life cycle.
  • Partner with field leadership to establish field staffing for their assigned project.
  • Partner with project management to identify schedule and costs associated with project changes.
  • Participate in the negotiation process with the owner and architect to gain agreement for project changes.
  • Participate with the project team in preparation and presentation for all project review meetings, including the monthly review process and other key project meetings.
  • Participate in the project buy out meetings with subcontractors and vendors.
  • Understand and apply the terms and conditions of the owner and subcontractor contracts for the project.
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OFFICE:  920-428-4124
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